Installing and Maintaining a Unit From Ruud Air Conditioners

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

At some point in life, every homeowner will have to deal with replacing their air conditioning unit. Inexpensive units flood the market, but the savings gained by installing one is quickly drained through excessive utility bills and repeated service calls. Rather than deal with a cheap, problematic system with a limited lifespan, consumers should look into quality brands like Ruud Air Conditioners that provide a powerful, energy-efficient cooling process and five-year part replacement warranty.

Always Available in a Time of Need

Florida’s heat and humidity are ever present factors that are truly felt when an AC unit malfunctions. Fortunately for homeowners, companies like AA Temperature Services INC. provide 24-hour emergency service, minimizing the discomfort that residents deal with when their AC is down. Regardless of the day or time in which a problem arises, this prompt repair service will work diligently to get a unit back up and running in an efficient and timely manner.

Don’t Send Your AC Unit to an Early Grave

Professionally maintaining an air conditioning unit is the best way to extend its lifespan. Seasonal maintenance service plans bring technicians to a home twice a year to inspect the unit and run a full diagnostic test. This visit will include the cleaning out of any accumulated dirt and debris, replacement of faulty parts, lubrication of motorized components, changing of the air filter, a temperature check of the air coming out of the registers, and confirmation that the thermostat is correctly communicating with the main unit. Investing in this service will help restore an AC unit’s efficiency to normal levels and ensure it is prepared to handle the upcoming season.

Making the Process a Little More Affordable

Realizing the time has come to replace an aging air conditioner with a unit from brands like Ruud Air Conditioners can be overwhelming for most people. To combat this stress, many HVAC contractors offer estimate services, duct inspections, and energy evaluations free of charge. These companies also recognize that the cost associated with the installation process often falls outside of the average homeowner’s comfort zone, which is why they have set up special financing options with trusted financial institutions. For Florida homeowners on a strict budget, the services provide a means to live in comfort without breaking their budget. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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