Is It Time For Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Ormond Beach FL? These Signs Say Yes!

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Being a business owner can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Making a small business successful will require a lot of focus and hard work. Once a business starts to grow, they will need to invest in a commercial building.

Keeping this investment in good shape is easy when working with the right professionals. The HVAC unit in a commercial building will begin to show signs of wear over the years and will have to be replaced. The following are some of the signs a business owner may notice when Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Ormond Beach FL is needed.

The Unit Will Not Produce Cool Air

During the summer months of the year, a business will have to run the HVAC unit in their commercial building on a daily basis. This increased amount of use can put a lot of strain on the unit. If a business owner starts to notice their unit is unable to produce cool air, they need to call in professional help to figure out why.

The first thing an HVAC technician will check out in a situation like this is the level of refrigerant in the unit. If the refrigerant levels are low, the professionals will find the source of the leak and fix it immediately. Once the leak has been addressed, the professionals will refill the refrigerant.

Problems With the System Staying On

If a business owner is unable to keep the HVAC unit in their commercial building running for longer than a few minutes at a time, they need to seek out some professional help. Often times, this problem will be caused by air flow issues.

Having a clogged air filter or ductwork can cause a unit to malfunction. Allowing professionals to clean the ducts and replace the air filter can help a business owner solve their problem with ease.

Choosing the right professionals to perform commercial air conditioning service in Ormond Beach FL will not be easy without some research. At Arctic Breeze Air, a business owner can get the repairs they need for a reasonable price. Call them to Request quote and get more information about the services they provide.

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