Items To Consider With Custom Duct Work

Most of the home’s energy efficiency is dependent upon the duct work. Because a home’s layout is unique, the duct work has to be configured for maximum efficiency. These are a few items considered when duct work is installed into a home. Each home presents different challenges which requires a custom configuration for this system.

One of the items considered with Custom Duct Work is the number of rooms in the home. Ducts have two outlets in each room. One provides the heat or cooling air. The other vent is the return vent which helps recycle the air back into the system. The amount of vents needed depends on the number of rooms, the size of the rooms, how many windows are located in the room. Bigger rooms like living rooms may require air vents on opposite sides to heat or cool the room. If there are a lot of windows, more vents maybe needed to keep temperatures constant in the room.

Another item considered is the overall layout of the home. This is where the uniqueness of the home comes into play. Some homes are wider than they are in length. Some homes are longer than they are wide. Some homes have a very unique shape that defies the regular molds. Since most duct work comes in pieces, they can put together in a manner which transmits the air efficiently.

The access of the available space to place the Custom Duct Work is also taken into consideration. Most of the duct work running on the horizontal plane is run in the wall spaces. These runs are common in homes with basements and second stories. If the home is all on the same level, much of the duct will run vertical in ceiling spaces. This may reduce clearance in some rooms.

The duct work system will have a unique setup depending on the number of rooms, the layout of the home and the available space. Since energy efficiency is dependent on this system being placed correctly with airtight seals, it is an important part of evaluation with the heating and cooling system. If work is needed on the duct system, contact Mason Mechanical Services LLC. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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