Plan On Changing The Air Filter In Your Home HVAC System

If your HVAC system is trying to push heated or conditioned air through a clogged filter, the system will worker harder than is should have to and it will cost more in electricity to do it. Changing air filters in Naperville is important, but do you know why?

There are a number of different types of filters available for use with a heating and ventilating system, they all have their own unique characteristics but there is one thing they all have in common; they need to be checked periodically and changed when necessary to keep the system running efficiently and at the lowest cost.

Important reasons for changing the air filter:

* When a filter is clogged with dust, dirt and debris it can cause damage to the system. The blower motor is sized to move air through a clean filter, when the motor has to work harder it can lead to premature failure.

* Changing the air filter can guarantee that the air being delivered to the rooms in your home is cleaner, fresher and healthier. Anyone that suffers an allergy or asthma will know when the air filter is dirty; the buildup of dust and pollen will cause runny noses and continued sneezing.

* Clean air filters in Naperville are an inexpensive way to drive down the cost of heating and cooling your house. When your system must deliver air through dirty filter the result will be a higher electricity bill. A new filter doesn’t cost much but a clean filter can pare 15 percent off your electric bill.

There is no way to set a finite time at which the air filters in Naperville should be changed. The cycle depends on the type of filter your system uses and the amount of dust and dirt in and around your home.

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