Read This Now: 3 Times to Call for Heating Service in Aurora

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Air Conditioning

It’s always a good idea to call a heating expert when one suspects something’s wrong with their heating. Some problems are obvious, but not always. Read on to learn when it’s imperative to call for heating service in Aurora

  1. Poor Heat Distribution

Heating equipment that’s working efficiently will heat the house evenly. Some rooms shouldn’t be colder than others. Heat distribution problems happen for various reasons. Sometimes the airflow’s blocked because of dirty vents, or the ductwork has become damaged and leaks air before it gets to the room’s vent: other times, the problem’s mechanical. Call a service technician to inspect the system to determine the problem.

  1. Heating Equipment Makes Strange Sounds

Furnaces make sounds when they turn on and off as the burners ignite. However, the furnace shouldn’t rumble, bang, clang, or squeal while in operation. Those noises indicate problems like a loose belt or mechanical issues such as a damaged blower or compressor. It’s never a good idea to operate noisy heating equipment. So, put in a call to an HVAC expert to have the system inspected right away.

  1. The Pilot Light Is Yellow or Orange

A furnace’s pilot light should always be a robust and steady blue. If the pilot light flickers yellow or orange, this is a problem. Any color other than blue means there could be a gas leak or another issue that can put the household in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion caused by a gas leak.

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