Reasons to Maintain Furnaces in New Haven IN

Homeowners often wonder why they need a furnace tune-up each year. As a furnace repair tech will say, neglecting the unit will eventually leave the family in the cold.

Below are the top five benefits of regular maintenance on Furnaces in New Haven IN.


It is important to remember that a furnace is a dangerous appliance. They are powered by gas or electricity, which are both risky in certain situations. While modern furnaces have safeguards in place to prevent carbon monoxide leaks and overheating, these devices need regular testing to ensure proper operation.

Reduced Heating Bills

While all furnaces have an efficiency rating, it is accurate only when the unit is fresh from the factory. After months or years of use, dirt can prevent proper heat transfer and airflow. With good maintenance, a system can be restored to its full operational capacity. Depending on the unit’s current condition, a tune-up may pay for itself in the form of lower heating bills.

Catching Small Problems Before They Become Unmanageable

Like other areas of life, with a furnace, a small problem can become a big one if it’s not managed promptly. Over the years, an overheating furnace can develop cracks in the heat exchanger. However, if the problem is caught early, an adjustment to gas pressure or fan speed may fix it. If a family wants to avoid major and costly repairs to Furnaces in New Haven IN, they should have regular inspections done.

Warranty Coverage

Every furnace maker requires yearly maintenance to keep the warranty in effect. The main causes of furnace failure are neglect and dirt, and if the owner doesn’t clean the system and change the filter regularly, they may lose their warranty coverage.

Avoiding Late-Night and Emergency Service

Most people have noticed that household appliances only break down at inopportune times. Whether it’s a car that breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or a furnace that stops working on the coldest day of winter, Murphy’s Law still applies. While tune-ups can’t guarantee that there will never be a service call, it will substantially reduce the chances of a sudden failure. Visit Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on the company’s services or to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance and repair.

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