Relying on an HVAC Contractor in Chicago for Emergency Furnace Repair

Yearly inspection, maintenance and cleaning by an HVAC contractor in Chicago are essential services for keeping furnaces and central air systems running efficiently and preventing breakdowns. The contractor finds impending problems that could cause a need for emergency service. Chicago residents are accustomed to dealing with harsh temperatures in the winter and hot muggy days in the summertime.

Hot Weather Considerations

Many individuals can deal with a lack of air conditioning for a few days, even when the weather is excessively warm. If the system breaks down on the weekend or a holiday, they decide to wait until the next business day to call for assistance.

Bitterly Cold Temperatures

On the other hand, most people are unwilling to live without a central heating system when the temperature is very cold. When Arctic air blasts down to Illinois, temperatures sometimes drop far below freezing. Households are accustomed to relying on a natural gas furnace to provide warmth throughout the building. Resorting to using electric space heaters is significantly less effective and not always entirely safe.

Relevant Statistics

The average low in this city in December, January and February is below freezing. Residents can expect to see the mercury drop below zero on at least a few days in these months. The record low in this city occurred on January 20, 1985, at minus 27 degrees. Residents can call an HVAC contractor in Chicago for emergency service if the furnace malfunctions.

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