Suggestions to Follow when Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems in Orange Park Fl

Florida is a hot and humid place to be in the summertime, so knowing how to purchase a good air conditioning system is an important factor, and in this article, we will give you some tips to follow when buying air conditioning Orange Park, FL residents can rely on to keep them cool and comfortable.

Size is Important in Choosing Air Conditioning Orange Park, FL

When picking centralized air conditioning systems, you must match the capacity of the unit with the size of the area you are trying to cool. Otherwise, you could end up with one that is too small and works too hard, shortening its life, or waste money on one that is too big. You want to choose a unit with the proper efficiency rating for your home or business. This is not done by the unit’s size, but on its Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER, which calculates the power it uses in relation to its output.

Check MERV Rating, Unit’s Options

Another significant quality to ponder before buying is the air conditioner’s MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which rates the ability of the filter to take particles out of the air. Ratings go from 1 to 20, with 20 being the best. If there are people who are going to be in the home who have allergies, you should get one with a high rating.

Take a look at today’s technology and see what options you can choose from, such as how the unit can be programmed, if it has timers, remote control, etc. You should also make sure to get a good warranty.

Installation Considerations are Also Vital

Besides the cost of the unit itself, there will be a cost of getting it installed. Therefore, it is also important to choose a reliable air conditioning Orange Park, FL company such as Air McCall, which has done installation and service in the area for more than 25 years, and can be reached for more information at 904-288-6110.

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