The Importance of Routine Maintenance From Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland

Many people never bother to have Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland do routine cleaning and maintenance on the equipment, figuring it’s a waste of money. Some heating and cooling technicians explain the need for this service by comparing it to routine maintenance on a car. A vehicle owner might figure that getting the oil changed as recommended in the manual is a waste of money, but not bothering with this service can eventually lead to serious engine trouble. Never having the coolant flushed and new coolant added also leads to problems with dirt and other contaminants accumulating in the system.

Furnaces and central air conditioning equipment are susceptible to similar problems with dirt buildup inside the components that can shorten the longevity of the equipment. In addition, as the appliances get older, parts start to wear out. During a routine cleaning and maintenance appointment, a qualified technician sees when this is occurring and can show the homeowner parts that should be replaced. As with vehicles, not replacing parts when signs of wear and tear have developed can result in a breakdown.

A homeowner might theoretically save some money by avoiding annual inspection and maintenance on the system, but that can wind up costing even more money later. Emergency service calls may entail an additional fee. If the system has been allowed to deteriorate without any attention over the years, the furnace or central air equipment may eventually not be repairable. It might have lasted an extra five years or more with the type of regular service strongly recommended by Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland.

There are some tasks that homeowners can do on their own in between maintenance service by a company such as Eastside Heating & Air Conditioning. The main one, and the easiest involves checking the air filter once a month and changing it when it looks dirty. That’s important for keeping the system running efficiently. A clogged filter makes both the furnace and central air system work harder to push air through. Keeping the return air vent grates clean throughout the house also is helpful. Visit the website to learn details about this particular contractor.

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