The Many Benefits Of A Hybrid Water-Heating System In Your Camp Hill, PA, Home

A hybrid water-heating system combines elements of traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters. It’s similar to how hybrid automobiles combine aspects of electric and traditional vehicles to give the user the best of both technologies. The truth is that installing a hybrid water-heating system is usually an excellent idea because these systems are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Advantages of a hybrid water heater

Hybrid water heaters are also known as heat pumps. They extract heat from the surrounding ambient air and then compresses it for use. Therefore, the electric motor is only used when the demand for hot water is abnormally high, and this means that electricity bills are lower, sometimes even 60% lower.

While a hybrid water heater may cost more than a traditional one, because of the lower energy bills, it will save money for the owner fairly quickly, typically within three or four years. Furthermore, an expert HVAC technician in Camp Hill, PA, can install one quickly and inform you about possible tax credits.

Hybrid water heaters are also low-maintenance. In many cases, an annual maintenance check by a trained professional is all that you need to keep one fully operational, and you’ll have hot water on demand even with guests. If you would like to consult with an expert HVAC technician in Camp Hill, PA, about having a hybrid water-heating system installed in your home, contact the team.

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