The Most Commonly Performed Residential Air Conditioning Services In La Quinta CA

The splendor of the summer sun allows people to get outside and take in the beauty of mother nature, but it will often cause the temperature inside a home to become miserably hot and lead to discomfort. Fortunately, an air conditioner offsets the brutal heat associated with summertime and will keep the interior of any size house comfortable all season long. Though most equipment provides years of worry-free use, there are times when mechanical items will go awry and warrant professional Air Conditioning Services in La Quinta CA.

Coolant Level Replenishment

The exterior unit on a central cooling system compresses a liquid which creates a chemical reaction that causes it to become cold. The fluid then circulates throughout the system, and the air is blown over a set of coils resulting in a flow of chilled air. If the coolant levels decrease it may cause the system to no longer cool properly and lead to inefficiency, but a professional will top off the liquid, resulting in an HVAC system that runs dependably.

Compressor Repairs

If the compressor no longer creates an adequate amount of pressure it will lead to inefficient operation and prevent the system from cooling a home. Most compressor issues are detected due to the presence of an unusual noise during operation or an inability to maintain a preset temperature. While some problems may only require the replacement of an individual part within the compressor, others may be more severe and warrant replacement of the entire unit.

Capacitator Replacement

A capacitor is an electronic storage device that provides a burst of energy to the compressor when the unit turns on. If one of them malfunctions it may prevent the compressor from activating. A provider of Air Conditioning Services in La Quinta CA will have advanced electronic equipment that allows them to quickly determine which capacitor in a system is not functioning, which will help a family restore comfort to their home promptly.

If an HVAC unit is no longer functioning as intended, it is best to contact a licensed technician. The team at All Seasons Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Heating Inc. provides service on any make or model equipment and will help a homeowner remain cool in the most brutal of summer weather. Call today to learn more and schedule a repair appointment without delay.

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