Tips for Shutting Down Your Furnace Safely for Summer in Madison, AL

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Heating & Air Conditioning

When summer is near, don’t be tempted to overlook your gas furnace. With simple maintenance in the spring, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when cold weather returns. Here are a few tips for preparing your furnace for summer.

Proper Shutdown

Without a proper shutdown, your pilot light will continue to burn fuel. It doesn’t use as much fuel as the burners, but it’s an unnecessary cost during warmer weather. Most modern systems have an electric ignition instead of a pilot light, but it should also be shut down. Once your ignition source is turned off, cut off the gas supply for energy efficiency and safety.


Your furnace should be cleaned annually to help it last longer. Heating contractors in Madison, AL, can remove residue from the heating elements and inspect your system for corrosion and other problems. To improve air quality, replace filters regularly.

Duct Inspection

Check your heating ducts for leaks and repair them with duct tape. If your heating system passes through unheated areas, it should be insulated to protect it when freezing temperatures return. If you’re not comfortable with doing the maintenance, make sure it’s part of an annual inspection by heating contractors in Madison, AL.

Summer Savings

Refilling your gas supply during the warmer months may be a budget-friendly choice. Propane gas may be less expensive when there’s lower demand.

Call a Professional

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