Tools And Steps Necessary For A Residential AC Installation In Davenport FL

If a window air conditioning unit isn’t safely secured in a window, a unit is at risk of tipping backward, and warm air will be released into a home or business. The following steps describe how to brace a unit and apply weather stripping around a unit to provide an air conditioner with an airtight seal.


•metal brace


•power drill

•lint-free cloth

•self-adhesive weather stripping

•measuring tape

Secure A Brace To The Outside Of A Structure

After heading outdoors, a pencil can be used to mark the spot where a brace will be installed. If another person is able to help, they can hold onto a brace while a power drill is used to secure hardware pieces through a brace and a home or business. After stabilizing a brace, an individual will need to go back indoors to complete a Residential AC Installation in Davenport FL.

After opening the window that an air conditioning unit will be placed in, a unit should be aligned in a window so that the backside of the unit is resting on top of a brace. A window should be pulled downward to hold a unit in place.

Apply Weather Stripping

If there are gaps next to an air conditioner, weather stripping can be used to fill them. After measuring the length of each gap, a pair of scissors or a utility knife can be used to cut pieces of weather stripping.

After removing a paper backing from the first piece of weather stripping, the sticky side of the material should be pressed firmly against a window frame. Other pieces of weather stripping should be installed by completing the same steps.

After turning a window air conditioner on, cool air should blow evenly into a room, and warm air should no longer be an issue. A unit’s exterior should be cleaned occasionally with a soft cloth to remove dust.

If interior components become covered with dust, a damp cloth or sponge can be used to clean them. Afterward, a dry cloth should be moved over surfaces to eliminate moisture. For assistance with a Residential AC Installation in Davenport FL, Visit our website.

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