Top Reasons For Repairs On HVAC In Bethany Beach DE

Technicians who work in HVAC in Bethany Beach DE stay busy responding to calls for repairs, especially at the beginning of the hot season when customers are turning on their air conditioners for the first time in awhile. There are many reasons why air conditioners break down, but the majority of repairs are caused by a few common problems, described below. Many of these problems can be prevented by a good maintenance program.

An air conditioner may not be working because of an electrical problem. Sometimes the electrical controls of the fan and compressor wear out from when the system is overtaxed. Another explanation could be corrosion of wires and contact points. Faulty wiring can also be a problem resulting in a short or a tripped circuit breaker. Maintenance service should include an inspection of the wiring to make sure its in good condition.

Low refrigerant can keep an air conditioning system from cooling. The refrigerant could be low due to a leak in the coolant line. This is most likely to happen where the line is exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, or cold. A loss of coolant can have an impact on the entire system, reducing its efficiency and overtaxing the system. A maintenance program should include testing the refrigerant lines for leaks and charging the system with Freon if needed.

Another common reason for repairs is a problem with the thermostat. If the thermostat is not sensing the room temperature correctly, it is not able to give the correct information to the system. Window or room units have a sensor that is near the coil, measuring the temperature of the air the comes into the coil. If the sensor knocks out of place, it will not give a proper reading. Maintenance service should always include a test of the thermostat.

Dirty air filters, coils, and ducts account for many problems that need repairs. When an air filter or duct is clogged, it blocks the flow of air and reduces the system’s ability to cool. This can lead to a total failure of the system. Regular maintenance should include a thorough cleaning of all accessible ducts and coils, along with replacement of filters as needed.

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