Warranty Provided by Air Conditioning Companies

by | Jun 20, 2018 | HVAC Contractors

Any time you choose to upgrade your air conditioner or install an all-new system, you are looking at making a significant investment in your home. While you are spending time looking at your options, it’s important to consider the warranty that is associated with different models. Having an excellent warranty will help lower the need to pay for repair expenses and save you from the stressful situation that may come from a unit breaking down at the worst time. We’ve compiled a few of the things you should look for when researching warranties for the units offered by AC companies in Jacksonville, FL.

A Term of the Warranty

The term is simply the duration that the warranty protects you. Most companies who offer high-quality products will provide a warranty that is many years long. This is important when an air conditioning system can last for two decades or even more. Choosing a unit with a longer warranty term is the best possible option but make sure to read the fine print. If you see a lifetime warranty, determine if that costs only certain things. This might make it a lesser warranty than one that only lasts a few years but covers every option.

Warranty on Parts

You may find that specific components of the air conditioner have their terms. This is common with parts and labor or the compressor in the machine. You should also consider whether there is a warranty processing fee, which means you are required to pay a fee to have a repair done. Even if the parts and labor are covered, you may still have a small amount you must pay to have the work done.

Extended Warranties

Some AC companies in Jacksonville, FL, will push you to choose an extended warranty for the system. When this happens, it may be indicative of the fact that the system isn’t as high-quality as you might think. Make sure to ask questions before considering an extended warranty. Find out when service is available, how long wait times are on average, and how long the company has been in business. If they go out of business, the warranty will be no good to you.

Any air conditioner warranty should contribute to your peace of mind since you’ll have helped if something goes wrong. Make sure to look through the entire warranty before signing and ask questions if something seems off. If you need help choosing an AC system with a great warranty, Howard Services Inc. can help. You can learn more about our services at website.

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