When it’s Time to Contact a Professional HVAC Company in Old Bridge, NJ

Most HVAC problems will appear harmless. However, if you ignore a minor HVAC issue, it could intensify over time. This is why it’s important to schedule preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

When an HVAC unit requires maintenance or repairs, it will display a few common signs. Here are the most common signs you should look for.

Odd Sounds

Normally, an air conditioner should run quietly. You’ll hear a loud sound when the unit powers up, but it should not make any sounds during a short or extended heating or cooling cycle.

If you ever hear a grinding sound, the culprit could be a defective fan. The fan is probably damaged or warped.

Temperature Issues

Temperature inconsistencies are quite common. If your system fails to produce cool air, check the thermostat first because it may need fresh batteries. However, if the thermostat is not the culprit, the system will need maintenance.

Air Vent Problems

If you fail to change your system’s air filter, the air quality in your home will suffer. Timing is crucial when it comes to this type of maintenance. If you cut corners, debris will bypass the filtration system. Then, it will enter your home.

Energy Spikes

If your energy bill gradually rises each month, the culprit could be a struggling HVAC system. When a system fails to operate at a high capacity, it will work harder, and it will use far more energy in the process.

The Path to an HVAC Company

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