Why Your Jacksonville Home’s HVAC System Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

You’re probably already aware that your Jacksonville home’s AC system is one of the biggest appliance investments you will ever make. In this quick guide, the pros will list some of the most common reasons air conditioners blow warm air, and we’ll offer some tips to keep these important systems healthy.

Faulty Capacitors

Many people call an AC repair company in Jacksonville FL because they believe their units have stopped working-and they need help right away. However, not every problem indicates a complete failure. The system’s compressor is its heart, which needs power to run. The power comes from a part known as the capacitor. When things like heat and lightning strikes damage AC capacitors, it can take a serious toll on a unit.

Dirty Air Filters

Another common problem facing Florida homeowners is brought on by a dirty air filter. The system’s air filter already inhibits airflow, and when it’s clogged with dirt and dust, the problem will get even worse. Prevent the issue by changing the filter regularly.

Thermostat Troubles

The system’s thermostat serves as a user interface, allowing you to control your air conditioner. If the thermostat is of the analog variety, it may malfunction, or its calibration may be off. Calling for an assessment from an AC repair company in Jacksonville FL will offer you a simple, cost-effective solution.

Proper Maintenance Reduces the Need for Repairs

An air conditioner is a big investment, and to protect that investment, periodic maintenance is essential. Local HVAC pros can help Florida homeowners make a plan to keep their systems in working order for as long as possible.

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