Your Questions Answered About Heating In Encinitas

When Encinitas residents need to turn on their furnaces to warm their homes, it’s important that they have a reliable heat source. To make sure that a furnace works when it’s needed, homeowners should periodically contact a technician who specializes in Heating in Encinitas for maintenance and an inspection. This inexpensive service can prevent furnace failure when heat is needed the most. Homeowners can learn about furnace maintenance by reading the questions and answers below.

Q.) What does a technician typically do when inspecting and performing maintenance on a furnace?

A.) The technician will inspect all the moving parts of the furnace to ensure that they’re working properly and then apply a lubricant. The technician will also examine the belt and bearings, and replace them if they show signs of wear. The motor and blower are also thoroughly examined during the inspection. The technician changes the filter if needed and turns on the furnace to inspect it while it runs.

Q.) What signs should a homeowner look for that indicate their furnace isn’t working properly?

A.) If there’s a decrease in heat or if there isn’t any heat at all coming through the heater vents, homeowners should contact a heating technician as soon as possible. Other signs that indicate an improperly functioning furnace include loud noises coming from the unit or unusual smells when the furnace is running. If a homeowner notices an extreme increase in electricity usage while running their furnace, it may be time to purchase a new energy efficient model.

Q.) How often should homeowners contact a heating technician for maintenance and an inspection?

A.) To keep a furnace properly working, it’s recommended to have a technician who specializes in Heating in Encinitas inspect and perform furnace maintenance once a year. Homeowners should schedule the service visit several weeks before the furnace is needed. This gives the technician ample time to order any needed parts and put them on the furnace before it’s time to turn on the unit.

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