5 Things Emergency Plumbers in Redmond, Oregon, Want You to Know

Do you want to avoid a late-night or weekend plumbing emergency? Check out these tips from plumbers in Redmond, Oregon, for how to care for your plumbing best.

1. Ditch the Chlorine Tablets

Everyone wants a clean toilet, but chlorine tablets can harm your toilet’s interior plumbing parts. They can also get stuck in the tank and interfere with the flushing process. It’s best to use chlorine tablets infrequently, or better yet, not at all.

2. Stop Using Your Toilet as a Trash Can

Treating your toilet like a trash can will eventually lead to serious plumbing problems, such as clogged pipes and damaged sewer lines. The only thing you should ever flush is sewer-and-septic-approved toilet paper. Although cleansing wipes are labeled as “flushable,” plumbers warn people against doing this because they don’t break down in the water as quickly as toilet paper. Hence, they stick around longer and are more likely to contribute to obstructions.

3. Keep Grease Out of the Kitchen Sink

Just because grease is a liquid doesn’t mean it belongs in the sink. Once it cools off, it hardens and can stop up kitchen pipes.

4. Don’t Ignore Water Around Your Toilet’s Base

Over time, the wax seal that connects your toilet to the floor pipe can break down and begin to leak. Call a plumber for repairs if you notice water pooling around the toilet.

5. When in Doubt, Call a Plumber

Finally, if you think you have a plumbing problem, call local plumbers in Redmond, Oregon, for help. Get in touch with Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical.

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