An Electrician Solves the Problem of Circuit Breakers Tripping

Homeowners may need an electrician near Hammond if they are having trouble with circuit breakers switching off when they try to run more than one device. Breakers protect each part of the electrical system from overload. An electrician may install additional circuits and to make sure some of the equipment is on a dedicated line.

About Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated line only runs one device that draws a lot of power, or perhaps a second piece of related equipment. A common example of two appliances on a dedicated circuit is the power-hungry clothes dryer and its partner, the washing machine. An electric water heater requires a dedicated line, and so does a refrigerator, freezer and electric oven. This is a requirement of the National Electrical Code, and it is essential to stop the inconvenience of breakers switching off.

Tripping Breakers

An electrician near Hammond understands what’s happening when a homeowner reports that a breaker trips every time someone uses the toaster. The toaster runs a short time, but it runs at high wattage to create heat. This small appliance likely is plugged into the same circuit as one of the large appliances in the kitchen.

Adding Circuits

The electrician will likely recommend adding extra circuits if there are no unused ones now. Electrical usage tends to expand over the years, which is why older homes have more trouble with fuses blowing and breakers tripping.

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