Key Times to Schedule Maintenance for a Commercial AC System in Florida

A commercial air conditioning system serves employees and the public. Because it typical runs around the clock for these crowds, breakdowns can occur. The solution to this problem is commercial HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL; if you schedule it during key situations, you’ll less likely experience breakdowns.

Temperature Problems

When an air conditioner initially powers up on the heat setting, the thermostat will need a few moments to reach the target temperature. However, if the air stays cool or lukewarm far beyond the initial startup phase, the air conditioning system has a problem that will require maintenance. The following issues can cause a system to blow cool or warm air:

• Low air pressure

• Reduced airflow

• Leaky ducts

• Improper fuel combustion

Higher Energy Bills

A commercial air conditioning system can spike energy costs throughout the colder months. As a result, you should always monitor your monthly overhead costs to ensure that all totals are consistent.

From an annual standpoint, you should always compare your current bills to fall and winter energy charges from previous years. If you discover any unusual energy spikes, your air conditioning system could require maintenance.

Strange Odors

Whenever foul odors emit from the vents in your building, the AC system will require immediate maintenance. You should never ignore odor-related issues because more dangerous problems could develop down the road.

However, if you smell a faint burning odor immediately after you activate the heater for the first time in the winter, the unit won’t need maintenance. This is a normal problem that everyone experiences. Layers of dust produce this odor when many particles burn off on the heating elements.

ARC Services Group provides services to businesses that require commercial HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL.

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