Central Air Symptoms Indicating the Need for Cooling Service in San Marcos, TX

The outdoor unit of a central air conditioner contains several pieces of equipment, including a compressor situated inside a condenser. Symptoms of malfunctioning or failing parts in a unit should not be ignored. Doing so could lead to the system breaking down on a very hot day. Technicians providing cooling service in San Marcos TX may be able to fix the problem, but sometimes replacement is required.

Unusual Noise

A common symptom is a noisy unit. The outside equipment always makes a certain amount of noise, but when the sound changes noticeably, it’s time to call a contractor providing cooling service in San Marcos TX. Problems like this don’t go away without attention to the system. Something may be wrong with the fan motor, for example.

Warm Air

If the air coming through the vents is not cool enough, the system may have developed a refrigerant leak. The unit must work harder to eliminate heat from the home. Someone in the household might want to take a look outside and see if ice has formed on the coils, which is another sign of a refrigerant leak. With temperatures routinely in the 90s during the summer and hot sunshine the norm, the system can have a hard enough time keeping a home cool when everything is working properly.

Reduced Airflow

A symptom that can be more difficult to notice is reduced airflow from the vents. The home is not getting as cool as it should, but there is cool air flowing into the building. Any time the system cannot keep up as it used to, homeowners should call a contractor such as AIM A/C and Heating Services to diagnose and fix the problem. Visit Aim4ac.com to learn about this particular contractor.

In this type of climate, the compressor can be expected to last 10 or 15 years. Scheduling annual maintenance and inspection for the system is a smart way to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns. The technician finds and replaces worn parts in addition to cleaning and adjusting the equipment. Underlying issues that can put extra stress on the compressor are resolved before that expensive device fails.

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