When Central Air Conditioning Service in Lebanon NJ Becomes Necessary Outside of Regular Maintenance

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning service in Lebanon JN sometimes becomes necessary outside of the regular maintenance work completed yearly by a qualified technician. Problems can develop with a motor, the wiring between the condenser and the indoor equipment, or other components. In some instances, the problem turns out to be with the thermostat or with wiring elsewhere in the electrical system.

New Jersey Weather

The need for central air conditioning service in Lebanon NJ should not occur very often since the equipment is not run most of the year. Homeowners typically only need to operate their air conditioners occasionally from May through September, with more frequent use in July and August.

Temperatures rarely reach the 90s in this region, but it often gets close in mid-to-late summer. Most men and women like to have the central air running when the mercury reaches into the 80s, especially when the weather is humid.

Yearly Maintenance

With this type of relatively infrequent usage, a central air conditioner might not need repair work from a contractor such as Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating for 15 or 20 years. This is particularly likely if the homeowners have the equipment maintained and adjusted each year. If they like, they can have this project completed during the same appointment for furnace maintenance.

Air Filters

Checking and changing the air filter during the summer also should be done, as a dirty filter forces the equipment to work too hard. That can shorten its lifespan and lead to the need for repair work. Some homeowners in this region believe filters aren’t as important for central air as they are for furnaces, since furnaces are operated much more frequently. The run nearly continuously for much of the winter. Yet central air units and furnaces use the same filter. They also use the same return-air registers that bring dust and other contaminants back to the appliance.

Scheduling Repair Service

Repair work can be scheduled ahead of time when the homeowners suspect or know there is a problem and the forecast predicts warm weather approaching. Emergency service also is available. Browse our website and find out how to speak with a representative.

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