Four Reasons You Should Immediately Look Into Boiler Repair in Chicago

When winter hits, you need your boiler to be in great working condition. If it’s experiencing problems, the best time to solve them is when the problems are just starting. Listed below are four reasons you should look into boiler repair in Chicago before you have a costly headache on your hands.

Uneven Heating

A properly functioning boiler will evenly and efficiently keep your house warm. If you notice cold spots in your home, then there could be trouble, especially if these cold areas are recent developments.


No amount of leaking is acceptable from your boiler or any of its connecting parts. If you notice a leak or evidence of a leak (moisture developing in an area), no matter how small, shut the system down and call for boiler repair in Chicago immediately.


Corrosion is an inevitable process that can have a detrimental impact on your boiler. It interferes with heating efficiency and can result in a complete failure of your boiler. Fortunately, the effects of corrosion can be mitigated with proper installation, regular professional maintenance and the use of treated water. However, once you notice corrosion on your boiler or pipes, you should contact a professional to prevent the problem from spreading.

Spiking Heating Bill

Boilers are built to heat efficiently. However, an ailing boiler will usually need more fuel to do its job. If you notice a spike in your heating costs, then there’s likely a problem with the boiler.

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