Commercial HVAC Installation in Baton Rouge

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Air Conditioning, Commercial Air Conditioning

There are different types and styles of HVAC systems, but they tend to fall into two categories: residential and commercial. Although all air conditioning systems do the same thing, there are significant differences in how they do it. It is important to know the differences, especially if you own or manage a commercial building. You will want to place your trust in a commercial HVAC contractor that has extensive experience and knowledge in complex systems.

A commercial HVAC system is invariably bigger and more complex than any system found in a residence. The reason is simple. Business establishments are far more extensive than the average residential property and require a larger, more powerful cooling system. Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is well aware that homes and commercial spaces have very different heating and cooling requirements. Typically, a home system keeps the interior temperature the same throughout the living space. This is not the case with most businesses. The temperature in a warehouse will be quite different from the temperature in the showroom and office. These spaces must be kept cooler for the sake of customers and front office personnel.

Most HVAC systems are split into two. Components are installed indoors, as well as outdoors. For residential purposes, the compressor is mounted outdoors, usually alongside an exterior wall. When it comes time to service the unit, the technician can easily access the system components. Commercial HVAC installation in Baton Rouge is different. Typically, the system is installed on the roof of the commercial structure. As the systems are large, rarely would there be space available indoors. Furthermore, when the system is installed on the roof, the interior of the building is kept quieter. Roof-mounted installation also makes it easier for mechanical contractors to access the unit without disrupting the business.

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