Getting the House Ready for an Air Conditioning Installation in Islip, NY

After spending time working with a contractor to find the right system for the home, the next step is to get ready for the Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY. There’s several things the homeowner can do other than making sure someone is home to let the installation team inside. Here are some tips that will make life easier for everyone concerned.

Send the Kids and Pets Out for the Day

If there are children and pets in the home, it pays to find somewhere for them to be while the installation is underway. Perhaps a play date for the kids would be a good idea. If a neighbor happens to have a fence around the back yard, ask if they would mind pet sitting until the installation is complete. The lack of distractions will allow the team to move faster and get the job done.

Cover the Carpeting

With an Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY, the team will need to move in and out of the house freely. That means quite a bit of traffic on the carpeting. To protect it from any dirt or grime, invest in some cheap drop cloths. If there’s no time to run out and purchase the plastic variety, bed sheets will work fine. The goal is to create paths leading from the front and back entrances to the system controls, the air returns, and the attic door. When the installation team does not have to worry about stopping to wipe their feet, they can move a little faster. Visit here to know more.

Move Furniture Away From the Vents

During the Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY, the team will want to check the flow of air coming out of the vents. It’s easier to do that if tables or other pieces of furniture are not in the way. Being able to check the air flow quickly will expedite the testing of the newly installed system.

For any homeowner in search of a new heating and cooling system, contact Inter County Mechanical Corp today. It will not take long to determine what features the system must have, arrange the installation date, and ensure that the unit is working as it should.

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