Has the Time come to Call an HVAC Service in Baltimore, MD?

Other than the need to change the filters every few weeks, the home heating and cooling system needs little in the way of maintenance. When some sort of issue does arise, it is in the best interests of the homeowner to call for help sooner rather than later. Here are some examples of situations that require a call to a local HVAC Service Baltimore MD.

Increase in Energy Consumption

The utility bills are up, and it is not because of a rate increase. Comparing the current bill with the same period last year confirms that the heating and cooling unit is consuming more energy than it did in the past. The best move is to call a local HVAC Service Baltimore MD, and arrange for a technician to visit the home. It will not take long to find the origin of the problem and go over solutions with the client. In many cases, the resolution will not involve a lot of time or expense. What it will do is get the rate of energy consumption back into a reasonable range.

Uneven Temperature in the Home

The unit used to keep every area of the house at the same temperature. Since that is not happening any longer, it pays to find out why. A professional can isolate the reason for the difference in temperature and take whatever action is needed to correct the problem.

New and Unsettling Noises

The unit always made a certain amount of noise when in operation, but things have gotten worse lately. There is a loud thump whenever the system cycles on or off, and it is easy to hear a rattling while it runs. There is a good chance that the problem is a combination of parts that need to be tightened and one or two that need to be replaced. Once the technician finishes with the repairs, the unit will be quiet once again.

For homeowners who could use some help with their heating and cooling systems, Visit the website and arrange for a professional from Farnen Dermer Inc. to take a look at the unit. Depending on what is happening, it may be possible to make repairs and get several more years of use from the system.

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