Have Your Trane Furnace Service Before the Winter Hits in Palantine, IL

Winters in Illinois are cold and harsh, dipping well-below zero at night. The fact is, your family depends on your home’s Trane furnace not only to stay warm and comfortable but to also survive.

Before the winter hits, it’s a very good idea to schedule routine service for your Trane furnace in Palatine. Routine furnace maintenance involves checking all of the furnace’s important components as well as cleaning, testing, adjusting, and lubricating moving parts.

An experienced Trane technician can also troubleshoot and repair a malfunctioning furnace. An older furnace can develop gas or oil leaks and other dangerous issues, putting your family at risk. But, most problems can be fixed, such as blowing out dust and debris or replacing belts.

However, sometimes, a new Trane furnace is a better option. Not only is a new furnace safer, but they are also energy-efficient, saving you money every month. Moreover, you’ll immediately notice that a new furnace is very quiet compared to your old furnace. Finally, many new Trane furnace models also incorporate a dehumidifier to reduce condensation in your home. Condensation can lead to mold growth, which can have serious health effects.

A furnace or HVAC maintenance plan in Palantine is an affordable way to maintain your home’s heating and cooling systems. Best of all, a maintenance plan ensures that you don’t forget to schedule furnace maintenance before the winter hits.

For furnace service and repair, or a new Trane furnace in Palatine, check out Five Star Heating & Air, Inc website online today.

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