How to Protect and Improve the Quality of the Air Inside Your Home

The air you breathe is one of the most essential components of life. With that said, it’s important, then, to ensure that the air inside your home is as clean and clear as possible. To help in your efforts toward fresh, safe air, here are a few tips to protect and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Change Your Filter

It can’t be said enough when speaking of an HVAC system: change your filter on a regular basis. Since your filter is out of sight, it’s often out of mind, as well. To prevent an extended stretch without a new filter, then, make a reminder on your digital or analog calendar to ensure you never miss a change. A clean air filter helps trap more dust and dirt than a dirty air filter. In addition, a clean air filter helps your system to operate more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills and preventing premature furnace repair in Naperville.

Monitor for Carbon Monoxide

Although carbon monoxide can’t be seen, smelled or tasted, it’s one of the most deadly substances to have in your air. That’s why it’s crucial that you monitor for carbon monoxide using multiple carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Install at least one detector on every level, ensuring that you can hear the alarm from your bedroom when you’re asleep. To help maintain proper protection, you need to replace the batteries in all your detectors every six months.

Address Any Issues

Given the large amounts of energy required to operate your furnace, any issue with your furnace is not something to fool around with. A gas leak or other issue with your furnace will cause immediately reduced air quality, not to mention a high risk of personal injury or damage to your property. If you notice anything unusual about your furnace, it’s best to call in the assistance of professional furnace repair in Naperville to ensure your furnace is working as it should. For furnace repair whenever you need it, contact the pros of Business Name at

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