The Importance of Heat Pumps Maintenance in Derby, KS

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In the areas that don’t receive extraordinarily warm temperatures or very cold temperatures for long periods of time, the best type of residential HVAC system is a heat pump. One of the reasons why heat pumps are used so often is because of how energy-efficient they are. Forced air furnace systems can be extremely effective in keeping the inside of a home comfortable, but they can use a great deal of energy. A heat pump is much more efficient and can have huge impacts on a residential energy bill.

Lots of Moving Parts

What will be important for a homeowner to consider is proper Heat Pumps Maintenance in Derby KS. Because there are so many moving parts in a heat pump system, it’s important to have the system checked out on a yearly basis by a professional HVAC service.

Motor Function

Heat pump systems use a variety of motors, and it’s best to check out these motors to ensure they have the proper lubrication. In addition, the motors’ functions also rely heavily on capacitors that need to be checked to ensure the system is working at peak efficiency.

Electrical Issues

Many people have issues with a heat pump system due to electrical problems. That’s why having the experts from an HVAC service inspect the electrical wiring is extremely important. Frayed or loose wiring can cause a number of problems that can either reduce the efficiency of the heat pump system or render the heat pump system completely ineffective.

Change Filters Regularly

One thing a homeowner can do is make sure to change the filters at least once a month. This helps to reduce the amount of dust that builds up on interior parts of the system, like the cooling and heating coils. A system free of dust is a system more likely to work properly, and this can help avoid some costly repair bills down the road.

Heat pumps maintenance in Derby KS doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but making sure the heat pump system is maintained means better production from the HVAC system, better efficiency, and less in the way of costly repairs. If you need to have your system inspected or have repairs that need to be performed, you may want to visit our website to learn more about the services provided.

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