The Importance Of Professional Duct Cleaning

There are two different sources of contamination of the air in Atlanta homes. The easiest one to deal with is the sources you can see, such as mold around fixtures in the bathroom or mold on the ceiling if there is a leak in the roof.

The harder options to correct are the contaminants that are present in systems in the home that can’t be seen. A good example of this is the mold, dust, and contaminants that can build up in the duct system.

Thanks to professional duct cleaning services, even these unseen sources of mold, mildew, dust, and odors can be removed from any Atlanta home. Hiring professionals to get the job done will provide superior results to the do-it-yourself products that are sold online or even in some of the larger hardware and home improvement stores around the city.

When to Clean

Most new homes will only require duct cleaning every three to five years. This is recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association or the NADCA. The specific years are just a general range, with older homes often requiring more regular cleaning of the ducts.

It may also be important to clean the ducts more routinely if there are people in the home with allergies to dust, mold or mildew or those with asthma or respiratory problems. By removing the source of the allergic reaction, it can help to eliminate symptoms for those individuals with high levels of sensitivity.

What is Involved?

With professional services offering duct cleaning a thorough cleaning of all elements and components of the system will be completed. This includes sweeping the ducts with specialized equipment as well as cleaning the coils and the central components of the HVAC system that air passes over.

This is not the same as a spray product or just disinfecting the system. Professional services may offer disinfecting or sterilization of the system, which can be an option for the Atlanta homeowner to consider.

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