Industrial Heating Systems In Fort Collins CO Will Keep Your Area Warm And Comfortable

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Heating And Cooling

Winter doesn’t seem like it wants to go away this year and remaining cold without a properly working furnace isn’t an option. There are many industrial heating systems in Fort Collins CO that can improve the warmth and comfort in any business. In addition to more comfortable temperatures, a new furnace will offer the energy efficiency every business wants. The money spent for energy costs on an old and inefficient furnace will be dramatically reduced. Furnaces today offer much better energy efficiency than one made ten years ago.

Residential furnaces and industrial ones can be the same or can be very different depending on the location they need to heat. industrial heating systems in Fort Collins CO can be used for offices, tool rooms, production shops or laboratories. Temperature control can be controlled with safety in mind of the products located in the area. The type of furnace chosen should be appropriate for the size of the area that needs to be heated. Gas furnaces can be very energy efficient but can lose a lot of heat through the exhaust pipe. The right furnace can save enough money that it will repay itself in savings in two years. With an industrial system lasting upwards of 20 years, the savings over the years can really add up.

Maintenance on a furnace is necessary to keep it operating at peak efficiency. In addition, warranties can be voided when a yearly check of the system isn’t performed. The furnace should be cleaned and checked for any worn parts and greasing of any fittings on the unit. The filter for a unit should be changed on a regular basis to reduce the stress on the unit. The burner and the heat exchanger should be thoroughly inspected. If the heat exchanger develops any cracks, the furnace will need to be replaced. Continuing to use the unit can result in dangerous carbon monoxide being released into the air.

When you’re interested in keeping your home or business warm during the cold months, Poudre Valley Air can help. They offer both residential and industrial installation, repair and maintenance of furnaces. They have outstanding service and highly-trained technicians.

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