Is It Time For Air Conditioning Replacement For Your Home?

Keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the long, hot summers in Phoenix, AZ, is always a priority. Maintaining your air conditioner is critical at all times of the year to avoid sudden or unexpected system failures that leave your house hot and uncomfortable.

All air conditioning systems have a life cycle. This depends on the frequency and duration of use. While in the northern states, it is not uncommon for a residential air conditioner to last up to fifteen years or more, in Phoenix, AZ, due to the heat and longer time air conditioning is required throughout the year, most systems last about eight to ten years. Regular maintenance can extend this life cycle to twelve or more years with the newer models.

Planning in advance for air conditioning replacement allows the homeowner to budget, shop for the best deal on the replacement system, and even coordinate the installation date to work with their schedule.

Factors to Consider

One of the key signs that air conditioning replacement is looming is frequent repair issues. As any system in the house gets older, the part and components begin to wear, which results in more frequent calls to your HVAC repair service.

Typically your HVAC technician will point out any wear and tear on the system that is likely to result in a high cost for repair. This is often the crucial time to determine if putting money into repairs offers the best return on your investment.

Another factor to consider when determining if air conditioning replacement in Phoenix Az is the right choice is your energy costs. Older systems tend to be less energy efficient, which means they are more costly to operate. By installing a new, energy-efficient system, homeowners can often significantly reduce their energy costs for cooling, allowing the system to pay for itself over time.

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