Kissimmee: Historic Home of Moisture

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Breathing easy is something every person should be able to do, especially in and around the home. However, the quality of one’s air is dependent on several factors. Homes are prone to accumulations of dust and dirt. Bacteria and mold also contribute to air quality. Finally, naturally occurring environmental gases also affect the overall quality of the air. Luckily, for most residents of the Kissimmee area, the air exceeds the quality standards for Florida. Yet to be safe, indoor air quality testing in Kissimmee is available to anyone living in the area.

City Facts

Kissimmee is a place that is steeped in United States’ history. Situated on a prime waterway it was originally founded by a former U.S. Confederate major to its incorporation in 1883, the county has expanded from its original destination as the last stop on the cattle drives to its place as a tourism stop for those visiting Orlando and other destinations in Florida. It enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters and summers that are often hot and humid. To regulate air temperatures and humidity, air conditioners are a necessity, with calls for AC repair going up in the months before the peak of the season.

Storm Season

The area is also extremely susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. Florida is generally the firs land touch point for storms during the United States’ hurricane season, which generally starts in June and extends into September, with storms increasing in both frequency and intensity toward the middle of August. Because the area is often under watches and warnings during hurricane season, it is often susceptible to flooding due to heavy rains and high winds. One of the biggest threats to the area’s indoor air quality is due to moisture, whether it’s because of the humidity, rain damage or flooding. Even when the flood waters recede, the residual damage is often felt for months afterward. Pollutants such mold and mildew often accumulate in the walls and ventilations systems of many homes.

The location of the area makes indoor air quality testing in Kissimmee a must. Companies such as Smith’s Air Conditioning are popular in the area because they perform a range of services with the area in mind. In addition, they are fully bonded and insured with experienced technicians. Another advantage of Smith’s is that they work with warranty companies, which is especially important when there is damage to the home. Residents or homeowners of the area should always test their air to keep members of their family safe from airborne pathogens.

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