Live in Comfort With Superior HVAC Systems in Salisbury MD

Heating and cooling any space can take a lot of energy and an aging comfort system tends to be very wasteful. However, modern HVAC systems in Salisbury, MD can help because they can be purchased with efficiency ratings from 80 to over 95 percent. There are some things to consider when selecting the appliance because too much efficiency may end up costing more money than it saves. The typical furnace in the modern home has an average efficiency rating of 80 percent. This works well for warmer climates, but areas such as Salisbury, where the weather gets a bit colder, may require something a little more effective. However, the units that range in the high nineties tend to be made for extremely cold environments and can be fairly expensive.Surprisingly, the AC portions of many of these appliances are not nearly as efficient as the furnaces even though the AC is the most heavily used system. One reason for this is the way the AC functions. Air conditioners operate by compressing a refrigerant. This compression forces a state change in the chemical and is the most energy consuming part of the cycle. This is partly because the appliance has a large amount of refrigerant to compress.

Once the refrigerant changes state it is able to collect heat, which is done when it flows through the evaporator coil located inside the building. Collecting heat begins another state change, and the chemical is passed through the coil situated outside the building. A process that allows for easy heat elimination. HVAC systems in Salisbury, MD are then able to cool the space by forcing air over the evaporator coil and through the building.

One problem that most HVAC systems have is poor maintenance. Every appliance needs annual maintenance, and this should include cleaning as well as testing. For example, the air handler, heat exchanger, and evaporator coil should be thoroughly cleaned. Plus, the level of refrigerant needs to be tested. A clogged coil could result is serious issues such as a frozen evaporator coil or a ruptured coil. Likewise, the furnace needs regular cleaning before it is used to reduce any chance of flash fires. This task is typically performed in the late fall or early winter while AC service should be done at the end of winter or early spring. Get more information from the experts at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling.

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