Why You May Need An Electric Heater Repair

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Sometimes, when an electric heater needs repair, it almost assumes a mind of its own. That is when you need to contact a professional to diagnose the problem and repair the heater. While most electric heaters are reliable, sometimes a glitch in the system calls for maintenance.

Why Electric Heaters May Not Work

Some of the reasons for an electric heater repair include the following:

  • The wiring becomes loose or disconnected.
  • A circuit breaker trips.
  • A fuse is blown.
  • The airflow is obstructed.
  • The thermostat is incorrectly set.
  • The heating element becomes defective.

If you find that your electric heater fan is inoperable, it may be due to a disconnected wire that is normally linked to the fan’s motor. In some instances, the switch may go bad or the fan blades may be obstructed. The fan motor could be broken too.

When you are facing this type of electric heater repair, it is better to have a service technician check the problem as he or she can also make sure that your heater’s other parts are still operating properly.

A Defective Heating Element

Sometimes, the fan on the heater works but the device does not emits any heat. When this happens, it normally is due to disconnected or loose wiring or a defective heating element.

When addressing this type of electric heater repair, the service technician will check the connections for the wiring and tighten any disconnected or loose wires. He may or she also replace the heating element with one with the same wattage rating and voltage.

Is Your Electric Heater Switching on and Off?

If your electric heater switches on and off frequently, it normally has to do with the airflow. It may also be due to a faulty control switch or thermostat. If no obstructions are blocking the flow of air, a technician should be called out to replace the switch.

Who to Contact

If you need to have your electric heater serviced, contact a company that specializes in the work, such as Business Name. You can solve any heating problems more easily if you contact a professional to diagnose the issue first. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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