Signs It Is Time for AC Repairs in Cape Coral FL

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

It is important to frequently check the air conditioner to make sure everything is functioning properly. Many individuals try to avoid having repairs done for as long as possible but this typically leads to the need of a major repair that is costly. It is wise to be aware of all of the signs that show when it is time for AC repairs in Cape Coral, FL.

Airflow Is Reduced

A homeowner can tell how effective their unit is simply by turning it on and holding their hands near the vents to see what the airflow feels like. If it seems as though the power of airflow has been reduced drastically, it is time for a repair. This means something is wrong with the unit and it needs to be worked on before matters become worse.

The Air Is No Longer Cold

Try turning the thermostat as low as it can possibly go. If the unit seems to have a difficult time lowering the temperature on demand, this is a serious sign that something is wrong.

There Are Odd Sounds and Smells

If there are strange sounds or smells coming from the air conditioner while it is running, this is a warning sign that AC repairs in Cape Coral, FL are needed right away. This means mold could be growing inside of it, the parts could be loose or it could be an even more serious problem than that. Many times the unit simply needs to be properly and thoroughly cleaned and the issue will be resolved. However, sometimes it requires repair work from a professional.

There Is Random Moisture

If there is moisture anywhere around the air conditioning system it is not a good sign. If water pools are surrounding the unit, this means the drain tube is either blocked or completely broken. If leaking water or ice continues to form on the unit, it can lead to severe problems and could even cause the unit to break down.

If any of the above signs are evident, it is time to contact a professional company who can work on the unit and resolve the issues.

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