How an Energy Efficient Heating Installation can Save on Energy Costs

Energy costs in the Jacksonville area have increased recently. This has everyone looking for ways to save money on utility bills. It may surprise you to find out a new heating installation can save substantially on energy costs. That might not seem to make sense, but here are a few ways a new heating unit can ultimately save you money.

New Technology

Technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years and this has influenced the energy efficiency of newer heating units. Just a decade ago, heaters ran at only a 78% efficiency level. Older heating units might operate at 60% efficiency, or even less. Today’s advancements produce heating units that run at 95% efficiency. The more efficient a unit runs, the more potential savings on utility bills. After a new heating installation, a noticeable change should occur in monthly heating costs.

Cost – Effective Output

A new heating installation will provide your home with cost-effective heating without having to worry about costly repairs. A well-maintained heating unit will run more efficiently than one which has not been serviced or properly maintained. Over time a unit ages and its output diminishes which can result in you turning it up in the colder months to try to stay comfortable. New units will run more efficient right out of the box, saving you on utility costs and repair bills.

Less Energy Consumption

It may not make sense that a heating installation can save on utility bills. To clarify, a new unit actually uses less energy overall which decreases your final costs. Newer units boast “energy efficient” running which means they consume less energy, but the unit will use less energy to heat your home and what energy is used will be used more efficiently. May people say after a heating installation they see a decrease in heating costs between 15 and 25%.

Are you ready to save money by replacing your old heating unit? Check out the Air McCall website, then call us at 904-288-6110 to speak with a representative who can answer your questions.

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