When Is It the Right Time to Call for Emergency HVAC Service in Crestwood

by | May 30, 2022 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Not every heating and cooling problem is an emergency. Some problems can wait until the next day, while others require immediate assistance. So, how does one know the difference? Here are some tips to help know when it’s a good idea to call for emergency HVAC service in Crestwood.

Temperatures Are Hot and Humid

Temperatures in the St. Louis metro area are known to go from one extreme to the other, especially in the summer. When hot, humid weather arrives in the area, it can create dangerous heat. If the home doesn’t have sufficient cooling, people in the household can become ill and could fall victim to heatstroke. Don’t mess around when temperatures get hot. Call for emergency service and get the house cooled off fast to keep everyone healthy.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Go Off

Gas-powered furnaces can release dangerous levels of carbon monoxide when they’re broken. If the home has carbon monoxide detectors, don’t ignore them if they go off. Get everyone out of the house and call for emergency furnace repairs. It’s also a good idea to call the fire department, so they can identify the source of the CO because it might not be the furnace. In a situation like this, it’s best to cover all the bases.

The Unit Makes Weird Sounds When It Runs

Make sure you turn off the HVAC unit right away if it makes loud booming or screeching noises. Please call Harster Heating & Air Conditioning immediately.

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