Homeowners Remodeling For Multi-Generational Homes Require Electrician Services

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Air Conditioners

One of the biggest housing trends right now is multi-generational living. Homes are being built as well as being remodeled to include parents, children, and grandparents, too. The goal is to give a family living space that includes privacy and their own entrances. Families can now enjoy each other’s company (and perhaps get a babysitter who wants more time with the grands) but still have their own “my” space.

Walk In Tubs

Homeowners remodeling to establish a multi-generational home should know that more seniors are opting for walk in tubs. They feature jets, grab bars, hand-held shower rods, color and aromatherapy, as well as slip-proof floors and even seat belts on the integrated seat. There are walk in tubs suitable for the wheel-chair bound senior. What they have in common is the need for electrical installation by a Denham Springs professional.

It isn’t just about the plumbing. The breaker box will need to be updated to cover the 15 amp drain pump and circuit for the 15 to 20 amp jets. All the circuits must include ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCI.

Extra Electrical Outlets

Grandma and Grandpa will need extra electrical outlets in their bathroom. If they integrate today’s technology into their shower such as lighting and a panel for regulating the lights, music, and temperature, as well as outlets with USB ports, then an electrical installation Denham Springs professional will be needed.

In addition to outlets, electrical needs in the other family bathrooms mean lighting. It’s a big consideration. Trending now are chandeliers, wall sconces, and “fireplaces” in bathrooms. All this will require an electrical professional.

Smart Toilets

Grandma and Grandpa now have a walk-in tub and a shower with all the latest technology. How about the toilet? An electrician will be needed to wire the heated toilet seat, automatically rising lid, and electric smart toilets. Now the family has a fully modern multi-generational home, because you contacted us

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