Signs You Need Evanston Air Conditioning Service

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Air Conditioners

While the Chicagoland area may be known for its harsh winters, the area also gets warm summers, making air conditioning a must-have in the summer months. When your air conditioner breaks down, it can lead to days of discomfort. In order to take action before something happens, you should learn the signs that you need Evanston air conditioning service.

Frozen Coils

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant in coils to absorb the heat from the air that enters it. When the refrigerant leaks, there’s not enough in the coils to absorb the heat. Therefore, the coils will freeze. You can dethaw the coils, but that will only create a temporary solution until these freeze over again.

More importantly, refrigerant is extremely toxic. Only professional HVAC techs should perform repairs in the case of a refrigerant leak.

Inconsistent Temperature

You expect your air conditioner to create consistent temperatures throughout your home. If the temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting, it could indicate a problem with the unit.

Furthermore, if the temperatures are inconsistent throughout your home, it could mean you have a leak or clog in your ductwork. You may need duct cleaning or ductwork repair to resolve the issue.

Funny Noises

All HVAC systems make some amount of noise. However, consistently increasing noisiness indicates that the components inside of the unit may be loose and banging around inside. You’ll need to repair those components to ensure that you don’t experience sudden failure.

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