Simplifying the Process of Air Conditioner Replacement in Endicott NY

Air Conditioner Replacement in Endicott NY is one of the most important and costly home improvements an owner can make, and it has a direct effect on the family’s overall comfort. Below, readers can learn some tips to make the purchase process easier.

Take Things Slow

Unfortunately, most people only realize they need a new AC when the old one stops working. However, because of the expense, it’s important to take a time to find the right unit for the family’s needs and budget.

Interview Multiple Contractors

When companies look to hire new workers, they typically interview multiple candidates to find the best match. Similarly, the search for an HVAC contractor should include interviews with several local companies. An easy way to find an installer is to ask neighbors, family, and friends for recommendations.

Determine the Unit’s Compatibility and Efficiency

An air conditioner’s efficiency can be measured by its SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency rating. The minimum acceptable SEER is 13 for a split system, and customers should choose units with the highest possible SEER and an Energy Star designation.

Consider the Size

A central air conditioning unit’s size is in reference to its cooling capacity. It’s measured in BTUs (British thermal units) or in tons, with one ton equaling 12,000 BTU. While some believe that bigger is better, it’s not the case with Air Conditioner Replacement in Endicott NY. A too-large unit will power cycle too frequently, and it will use more energy. On the other hand, a too-small unit will overwork itself and wear out prematurely. Consult a contractor for help choosing the right size unit for the home.

Pick a Payment Strategy

The most common options are to get a loan, borrow against home equity or to get financing through the installer. Federal grants can help low-income families pay for AC replacement, and installation of an energy-efficient system can make a homeowner eligible for a tax rebate.

Choosing a central air system is a big decision, and it’s important for buyers to do their research when choosing a contractor. With due diligence and proper maintenance, a homeowner can ensure that the system will work properly for years to come. Call or visit Fancher Appliance today to schedule service. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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